Warranty Card


Warranty Stickers

1.This warranty offers post-sale service. The Warranty period
   stars from the date of purchase.

2.For the warranty period, it is three years for the main body of
   the caliper, one years for the caliper oil seal, and six months
   for the disc.

3.For any issues or disputes regarding the warranty period, the
   custmoer has to provide relevant proofs, e.g., receipts. If no
   proof is available, the warranty period will be calculated as
   starting from the date of product shipment. No more
   questioning will be accepted.

4.For malfunctioning products, warranty repair and maintenance
   is given a single malfunctioning component.

5.Warranty is not applicable for the following conditions:
 (A)Damages caused by acts og God.
 (B)Damages caused by abnormal usage or self-disassembly.
 (C)Awwwarranty card without a stampfrom the store.

6.This warranty card is equivalent to the product's post-service
   card. There is no replacement for loss. Please well keep
   the warrenty card delivered fax.